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How to Copy and Burn Sony Handycam MPG to DVD

"I just bought a Sony Handycam DCR-SR42. It does not have a mini DVD or Firewire, rather it has its own hard drive and connects via USB. My Mac, a desktop from 2006, running OS X 10.4.10.
I have been managed to transfer footage to my Mac, but I cant find a way to burn Sony handycam video to DVD. I have tried tirelessly to import footage according to instructions from iDVD help and from the Sony Handycam handbook, but I keep getting failed. The files are .MPG format. Does anyone know what to do? I've already tried to format the camera's hard drive (both on the camera and on the computer), but that didn't work..." – pencilpaper

Sony HandyCam camcorders provide us great ways to record our happiest and sweetest moments. But many people find it's difficult to copy Sony Handycam MPG video to DVD. If you are also looking for ways to transfer and burn Sony Handycam video to DVD, then you are right here. In this article, you can learn how to burn Sony Handycam to DVD.

What you need to burn QuickTime to DVD on Mac OS X?

To burn Sony Handycam video to DVD, you need a DVD burner that can convert Sony Handycam video to DVD on Mac OS X(including Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard). DVD Creator for Mac is the solution. It is capable to burn videos and photos to DVD with customized DVD menu and background pictures. You can also edit videos and pictures; add transitions and effect, etc.

Note: If you are using Windows and want to burn Sony Handycam MPG, you can refer to DVD Creator for Windows.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

How to burn QuickTime to DVD on Mac OS X

1 Load files

Just click "+" button to import Sony Handycam video to this program or simply drag and drop them to it. And rearrange the file list by using the up-down arrows.

transfer Sony Handycam to DVD burner

Tips: You can freely drag and drop the thumbnail to merge them together.

2 Edit files (Optional)

To personalize your DVD files, you can edit the video files by clicking "Edit" button. You can crop the frame size, trim into several clips, append effects, add picture/text watermark and rotate.

convert Sony Handycam to DVD – edit, crop, trim, 16:9, full screen

3 Create DVD Menu (Optional)

This Mac DVD Creator also allows you to create your own DVD menu with rich selections of DVD menu template. Simply click "Menu" button to select one and set the "Frame", "Button" and "Text" to customize your DVD menu.

Sony Handycam to DVD Mac

4 Start to burn

After all necessary settings, you need to insert a blank or rewritable disc to your Mac if you want to burn video files on DVD disc. Or you can simply convert the videos to DVD folder, .dvdmedia or ISO file on your Mac for later burning.

That is it! Now, why not download DVD Creator for Mac and burn Sony Handycam MPG file to DVD?

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

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