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How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4P/M4A

iTunes store provides varieties of songs music purchase and download, but Apple DRM License protection limits usage of files and device, That's why we can't freely put our purchased iTunes songs music on other platform or portable players except iTunes and Apple Players, are there any ways to disable this DRM Copy protection and remove DRM from iTunes songs music M4A AAC M4P to play iTunes tracks on non-iPod media players like Zune, PSP, Blackberry, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, cell phone, etc.

Here this tutorial is designed to remove DRM from iTunes Music to make iTunes DRM music free.

Remove DRM from iTunes music M4A AAC M4P with burning CD.

Materials you need: iTunes, CD/DVD writer, blank CD-R disc.

  • 1. Create a playlist in iTunes then add DRM music to this playlist.
  • 2. Burn disc. Put the blank CD-R disc into CD writer, and then right click your playlist choosing 'Burn Playlist to Disc' to burn it.
  • 3. Import CD. Import CD and encode CD tracks to get free music.
  • 4. If you would like, you may delete the originals with DRM protection so that to avoid confusion or to free space.

Note: This way is free, but it's not very convenient and may wear out your CR-ROM.

Remove DRM from iTunes music M4A AAC M4P with DRM Converter.

Tools you need:
Music purchased from iTunes,
DRM Media Converter – a DRM Removal software that can remove DRM from Music Video in batch conversion mode and is compatible with Windows vista 32/64 and Windows 7.

Only 4 steps to remove DRM from iTunes Music:

1. Download DRM Media Converter, install it.

Download Windows Version

Remove DRM from iTunes Music M4P M4A

2. Add file into DRM Converter. Load your DRM protection music from iTunes by clicking 'ADD' button.

3. Customize settings. To select output file format, to define output destination, 'options' button provides general output setting, DRM finder, and some computer setting.

4. Start the conversion and get songs music free then you may also delete originals files.

Note: DRM Converter cost $39.95, buy it can remove DRM from iTunes Music with Fast conversion speed and high output quality in batch conversion mode, not only iTunes, but almost all DRM Music Movie files downloaded or purchased from online store like Wondows media center, Napster, Rhapsody, Beashare, etc, it is really worth the price, especial for the users that are always confused by DRM or incompatible formats.

DRM Media Converter could finish video conversion. Then you could enjoy these songs freely.

Download Windows Version

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  • facebook-100005062563906  2013-01-26 15:34
    a quick way is to create a AAC version of the file. Right click the file in iTunes to do so.