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How to Convert iTunes M4V Video to Zune/PSP/Blackberry

Question 1. I downloaded a movie using itunes and i want to put it on my zune HD but it's in DRM Protected m4v format... is there a program i can use to convert itunes M4V to Zune-compatible format like WMV or MP4?

Question 2. I have purchased some TV shows from iTunes store and want to put them on my PSP and blackberry storm, do itunes movies work with them?

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ITunes M4V videos are under DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection. It is an apple protection system that limits you for further use of digital content:

  • 1. It limits you to watch your purchased M4V videos and movies in a certain time or it will self-destroy;
  • 2. You can only play these rights-limited videos on 5 computers maximum;
  • 3. The other device like Zune, PSP, Zen etc can't play iTunes DRM protected M4V movies or TV Shows.

So, are there any ways to strip iTunes Movie DRM protection for enjoying iTunes M4V videos on non-apple devices like Zune HD, PSP or BlackBerry etc? The answer is positive YES. In the following paragraph is the step by step way to remove iTunes M4V DRM protection and convert M4V videos to Zune HD PSP, etc.

The tool we need is an iTunes DRM Removal Software – Video Converter Ultimate, which integrates DRM removing, DVD Ripping, files transferring, YouTube Downloader etc .

1 Launch the Software

Download Windows Version

2 Load the iTunes M4V movie files

Click 'Add Files' button from upper left corner of the software, select the M4V file from your hard drive iTunes downloaded directory to add files.

3 Covert M4V to Zune HD PSP BlackBerry supported MP4 Files.

Choose output format according to your media player compatible files, if you don't know about Video audio reference, this smart Video Converter Ultimate support up to 50+ media player in default, just choose a format according to the name of your mobile player. For example, if you want to convert itunes M4V Video to Zune, just select 'Microsoft Zune - > Zune Video – Windows Media Video (*.WMV)', Then Click 'Convert' to convert iTunes Movie files.

4 Transfer iTunes M4V videos to Zune HD PSP BlackBerry

Review all the steps above. Next, you need to get the converted iTunes M4V videos transferred to your Zune, PSP, Creative Zen or cell Phone etc:

  • 1. Just connect your devices to computer;
  • 2. Click 'Copy to device' button on lower right corner of the Video Converter Ultimate and choose your proper device, it will transfer those iTunes movies to your devices automatically.

Download Windows Version

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