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How to Move Music Video from iPod to iTunes Library

Want to rebuild your iTunes library

I have many Video and songs on my IPod and Itunes but I had to reboot my computer so my itunes got erased. I re-downloaded itunes but its empty, how I move all my songs on my ipod back onto my itunes so I can update my ipod?

Want to sync songs Video from iPod in new iTunes library without losing all your songs.

My Computer recently crashed. and I have downloaded a few songs and movie to my friend's iTunes that I want to put onto my iPod. How do I do this without erasing my iPod songs.

If you ever have such problem or similar, all you have to do is transfer music Movie photo from iPod to iTunes or copy iPod to your computer, now here is the way for this:

The Tool we need:

An iPod to iTunes TransferiTransfer

iTransfer is specially designed for iPod/iPhone/iPad users who need to transfer music Video photo from iPod/iPhone/iPad back to iTunes to rebuild your iTunes library or PC local for backup and sync music, video, audio books, photos, etc to iPod/iPhone/iPad without iTunes.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

1 Select a movie or music file to preview

Free Download iTransfer, Install and run it, then plug in your iPod. The screen will display your iPod info including capacity Version, name, etc. select a movie or music file then click play button on preview window or just double click the source file to preview it.

iPod to iTunes Transfer Screenshot

2 Transfer music video photo from iPod/Touch/Nano/Classic to iTunes

1. Click one category to open the files folder. Here we take music as example. Then choose Smart or Manual mode on the top-right of the interface, or just leave this as default.

Note: Smart mode is recommended to use when transfer music and video from iPod to iTunes.

2. Select one or more songs marked as and make sure the check box named "iTunes Info" are selected (if you are in Manual mode) then hit the big blue button "Transfer" to start. Besides, at the same time, iTransfer will automatically backup these files to PC local. Also you can change the local output destination.

Transfer Music Video to iTunes

Tips: The difference between Smart and Manual modes:

Smart mode:

There're all files that iTunes doesn't have, marked as

You can choose one or more files to download from iPod off. However, you must transfer the file to both computer and iTunes.

Manual mode:

There're all files of iPod no matter whether iTunes has or not, marked as or .

You can choose one or both of PC local and iTunes to backup iPod content to.

In addition, iTransfer also can sync music Video photo from computer to iPod without iTunes, manage your iPod playlist, organize entire iPod music/video, etc. learn More from iTransfer User Guide.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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