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People always ask "where can I download movies for ipod free?"
Here are a few sites where you can download free movie tools to make movies by yourself. They are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie Utilities.

After download, you can convert movies to ipod, or rip movies to iphone, put movies to zune.

Movie Scripts, Movie Posters, and More

LivePlasma.com:Share your favorite movies with friends and find more movies that you like.

PublicDomainTorrents:Classic movies and B-movies, all totally free.

The Internet Movie Script Database: You can read entire scripts of movies here; what a great site.

TuneFind.com: 'Welcome to TuneFind.com where we are working to become the Internet's comprehensive list of music and songs appearing in television and movies.'

MovieMistakes: Ever wonder if you've seen something that is supposed to be there in the movie? Check MovieMistakes to see if you're right.

ComingSoon.net: Be the first to see upcoming movie trailers on your block.

Drive-In Theater: When you want to find a drive-in theater, use this site.

Cinema Treasures Theater Guide: Lists of all theaters worldwide that are currently showing classic films.

Double Feature Finder: "Find local showtimes scheduled back-to-back and spend the entire day at the movies!"

80s Movies Rewind: Your best bet to find information about some of the best movies ever made...in the 80's.

Flixster: Get movie ratings of current movies from community members; great way to preview movies.


Videos, Indie Films, Documentaries

Recommended Online Films: About.com's Independent Film Guide has a great list of free indie films on the Web.

Atom Films: Be sure to check out the Star Wars parodies.

RatherGood.com: Quite a few movies including a rodent of some kind..singing...you'll have to watch them to really get it.

National Lampoon.com: Short films and animations. Some of this stuff is not kid-friendly.

Subservient Chicken:This is more of a site where YOU are making the movie. Trust me. You'll enjoy it.

OddTodd.com:Flash animations, games, and Mep the Squirrel. How could you not love OddTodd?

Milk and Cookies: A wildly eclectic assortment of mostly animated funny shorts.

Vmix.com: A wide variety of user-submitted videos here, anything from funny to strange to crazy.

The 3-Second Bunny Theatre: The bunnies do classic films in thirty seconds or less.


Free Movie-Making Utilities

ConvertDirect: Convert movie files to a variety of formats.

Movavi: Free online video converter.


Free Movie Platforms and Programs

SofaTube:SofaTube is a specially designed web application that lets you browse and watch videos from YouTube and Revver in your living room.

TVTonic: TVTonic allows you to subscribe to most video podcasts on the web."


Movie Scripts, Ratings, Critics, Extras

MovieWavs: Free movie sound downloads; over 16k files.

Kids In Mind: Family friendly movie reviews.

Daily Script: Movie scripts and screenplays.

Open Subtitles: download DivX subtitles.

Movie Tools

Squirl: Catalog, organize, and share your media collection.

Swagroll: Great way to share the movies you love with other people.


Make Your Own Movie Sites

vPod.tv: Share and create your own videos, watch other people's videos.

DVD to iPod Converter

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