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How to Convert VHS to DVD on Mac OS X

If you have many VHS tapes that filled with your favorite movies or the happy moments with your family or friends, the best way to preserve these old videos is to copy VHS to your Mac or convert VHS tapes to DVD before the tapes wear out. You may have several options to convert VHS to DVD. Here I would like to introduce a much easier way for you to get it done.

This article includes two parts: how to capture video from VHS to Mac and burn them to DVD once they're on your Mac.

Part 1: How to capture video from VHS to Mac?

Before you burn VHS files to DVD on Mac, you'll need to capture the video from VHS tapes, that is to say, convert the tape's analog signal to digital data on Mac. One approach is to use various capture cards such as Dazzle, ATI, Hauppauge, etc. But you may run into some limitations like the capture card doesn't faithfully reproduce the color or motion of the original.

Alternatively, you can use a Digital Camcorder to capture the analog video. Most modern camcorders provide an analog-to-digital "pass-through" capability, which you can use to capture the video from VHS, convert it into an equivalent digital video, and then transfer the video to your Mac via a FireWire cable.

Tips: You'll probably have to adjust some menu settings to access your camcorder's pass-through mode. And you can check your camera's manual for specific instructions.

Part 2: How to convert VHS to DVD on Mac?

Since the VHS video is ready on your Mac, what you need now is professional DVD tool that can help you easily convert VHS video files to DVD. DVD Creator for Mac is high recommended for its high performance in DVD burning, magical video editor and customized DVD menu template.

Note: If you are using Windows, you can refer to DVD Creator for Windows.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to convert VHS to DVD on Mac OS X

1 Load files

Just click "+" button to import VHS videos to this program or simply drag and drop them to it. And rearrange the file list by using the up-down arrows.

Convert VHS to DVD on Mac - Load VHS Video

Tips: You can freely drag and drop the thumbnail to merge or split the video file.

2 Edit files (Optional)

To personalize your DVD files, you can edit VHS videos by clicking "Edit" button. You can crop the frame size, trim into several clips, append effects, add picture/text watermark and rotate.

VHS to DVD on Mac

3 Create DVD Menu (Optional)

This Mac DVD Creator also allows you to create your own DVD menu with rich selections of DVD menu template. Simply click "Menu" button to select one and set the "Frame", "Button" and "Text" to customize your DVD menu.

convert VHS to DVD on Mac

4 Start to burn

After all necessary settings, you need to insert a blank or rewritable disc to your Mac if you want to burn VHS videos on DVD disc. Or you can simply convert the videos to DVD folder, .dvdmedia or ISO file on your Mac for later burning.

Though convert VHS to DVD can be a time-consuming process, it's well worth the effort. Just follow these steps, and convert your VHS videos to DVD with amazing DVD menu. Now your VHS tapes are well preserved on DVD with DVD Creator for Mac.

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version

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