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How to Burn iTunes Movies to DVD Easily and Fast

You may have a large collection of movies, videos and TV shows either purchased from iTunes store or got from other places. Now you want to burn part of your iTunes TV episodes and movies to DVD disc for for backup so as to share them with your friends or watching them on home DVD players. Just follow this quick tutorial about how to burn iTunes movies to DVD.

The movies bought from iTunes are usually protected by Apple DRM protection, which prevents you from converting iTunes videos to DVD directly, while some videos downloaded from iTunes U or other places are DRM-free. Since there are different situations, this article is divided into the following two parts:

Part 1. How to burn DRM-ed iTunes movie to DVD

Part 2. How to burn unprotected iTunes movie to DVD

Part 1. How to burn DRM-ed iTunes video to DVD

To convert the DRM protected iTunes video files to DVD, you need to strip iTunes DRM before burning. There are two ways to transfer iTunes purchased DRM movies, videos and TV shows to DVD.

1 Use an all-in-one DRM removal and DVD converter

Video Converter Ultimate can help you crack DRM from iTunes movies and convert iTunes videos to mpeg 2 (DVD format) first, then burn the converted iTunes M4V video to DVD. The whole operation goes easy and convenient. Just download it and convert iTunes purchases to DVD with ease!

Download Windows Version

After downloading, install and launch the program. The software interface is as follows:

burn itunes video to dvd

Click "Add" to load iTunes media from your hard drive( usually they are stored in *:My DocumentsMy musiciTunesiTunes Music, including movie and TV show folder) to the software, choose "DVD Video format(.vob)" as output format and hit "Start" to begin the conversion. When the conversion finishes, you have got the DRM-free iTunes videos and the videos will be automatically listed on the source pane. Now click the "Burn" button, choose a DVD menu template and start burning iTunes movies to DVD.

2 Remove DRM first with a DRM converter and then burn

For the DRM-ed iTunes movies, you can use a DRM converter to bypass the DRM first and then use a DVD burner to convert the non-DRM videos to DVD. To remove iTunes DRM, you can rely on DRM Media Converter, which can easily and fast remove iTunes movie DRM.

Download Windows Version

After downloading, install and start the program. The main interface of the software is as below:

convert itunes movies to dvd

Click "Add" to or drag and drop to import iTunes protected movie files to the program. Then choose the output format, select the destination folder and hit "Start" to remove iTunes video DRM protection.

Then follow Part 2 to burn the converted DRM-free video clips to DVD.

Part 2. How to burn unprotected iTunes video to DVD

Non-DRM iTunes videos can be directly burned with DVD Creator. Besides iTunes MP4/MOV/M4V movies, it can also burn other videos like AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, ASF, AVCHD, etc. to DVD with custom DVD menu templates. If you are a Mac user, please turn to DVD Creator for Mac.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

After downloading, open the program and click "Import" to load unprotected iTunes videos. Then click "Menu Template" to choose a DVD menu you like and customize the frames, buttons, background music, etc. as you like. After that, click the "Preview" button to preview the DVD to make sure everything goes OK. Finally, hit the "Burn" button to start burning.

convert itunes to dvd

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  • girlsmom02  2013-05-29 20:29
    I followed your trial offer but now my DVD wont play on my DVD player...why not?
  • Employee  2012-07-18 02:59
    Yes, it can remove DRM from Zune DRM video/audio files.
  • Herpyderpderp  2012-07-17 01:58
    Will this work for Zune DRM protected movie files as well?