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How to Use DVD Creator for Windows

Step 1: Import and Compile Video

1. Import video to DVD Creator

Click "Import" and select video files from browse window, or just drag videos into DVD Creator. All imported videos will be listed below.

import video

2. Manage videos play order

Click up arrow or down arrow to move selected file up or down. Click Delete button to delete selected file.

Step 2: Customize Personalized DVD Menu

Turn to the Menu tab to customize the DVD menu. You can choose from many beautiful menu templates on the right side of the window.

1. Edit DVD menu

In a selected menu, you can designate the frame size and style of the preview window, edit the menu text content, including font, color, size and more, and add background picture and music.

edit menu

2. Customize the thumbnail of video and chapter

Select a thumbnail on scenes screen and click Customize Thumbnail button. The Customize Thumbnail window pops up. Click Use the frame of video and trim a part video or click Use still frame image and select an image as thumbnail.

customized thumbnail

3. Create chapter for DVD

Select a video on scenes screen and click Create Chapter button. You can manually create chapters on Create Chapter window. All chapters and videos will be listed on Menu Navigation window.

create chapter

Step 3: Set up Output before Burning

1. Set up video

Click Settings on menu bar to open settings window, set up TV Standard or Disc playback mode under Video tab.

burning settings

2. Start burning your video

On DVD information bar, you are free to select burning video to DVD-5 disc or DVD-9 disc, set output as Standard, High Quality or Best Performance and adjust video resolution as 16:9 or 4:3 to fit player screen size.