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Custom Build

Host custom build files on your website to maximize the purchase conversion ratio. Here we supply all the product material to you.

The product with an iconmeans its RegNow Product Certification is approved.

For Win products, you can build custom version just entering your affiliate ID and click the download button directly here.

For Mac products, please contact us at . We will make it for you.

Windows Software

Enter Your RegNow Affiliate ID:

Products Affiliate ID Price Pad Files
Video Tools
Video Converter Ultimate 15969-100 $59.95 media-converter-ultimate.xml
Daniusoft Video Converter Pro 16338-100 $49.95 video-converter-pro.xml
Daniusoft Video Converter 16338-11 $35.95 video-converter.xml
Daniusoft Video Studio Express 16338-102 $35.00 video-studio-express.xml
Daniusoft iTransfer 16338-80 $19.95 ipod-transfer.xml
DVD Tools
DVD Ripper 15969-1 $35.95 dvd-ripper.xml
Daniusoft DVD Creator 16338-76 $25.00 dvd-creator.xml
Daniusoft DVD Copy 16338-69 $25.95 dvd-copy.xml
DVD to iPad Converter 15969-102 $19.95 dvd-to-ipad.xml
DRM Tools
DRM Converter 15969-60 $29.95 digital-media-converter-pro.xml
Digital Music Converter 15969-58 $25.95 digital-music-converter.xml

Mac Software

Tips: For Mac products, please contact us at . We will make it for you.

Products Affiliate ID Price Pad Files
Video Tools
Daniusoft Video Converter Pro for Mac 16338-96 $49.00 video-converter-pro-for-mac.xml
Daniusoft Video Converter for Mac 16338-88 $35.00 video-converter-for-mac.xml
Daniusoft Video Studio Express for Mac 16338-101 $35.00 video-studio-express-for-mac.xml
Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac 16338-99 $39.00 itransfer-for-mac.xml
Daniusoft YouTube Downloader for Mac 16338-98 $29.00 youtube-downloader-for-mac.xml
DVD Tools
Daniusoft DVD Ripper for Mac 16338-89 $39.00 dvd-ripper-for-mac.xml
Daniusoft DVD Creator for Mac 16338-86 $49.00 dvd-creator-mac.xml

To see a list of all our products available in Regnow and all the resources such as screenshots, boxshots, you can visit the Regnow affiliate interface by typing in "Daniusoft" in the Name Search section.