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How to Convert AVI to iTunes

As an Apple fan, you might be upset sometimes, for lots of videos you have downloaded from the internet are in AVI format, which is not compatible with the iTunes. That is to say, you cannot play those videos you like on iTunes, and more importantly, transfer them to other Apple's portable devices, such as iPod, iPhone and iPad and relevant series. As iTunes supports videos in MP4 and M4V format, what we can do now is to convert AVI to MP4 or M4V first, then transfer those converted videos to iTunes. With powerful Video Converter Ultimate, to convert AVI to iTunes could be rather easy. This article tells us how to make it step by step.

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1 Add AVI Files

Click "Add Files" to add AVI files from the PC local to the program, and you will see the main interface as below:


Besides, you can also click "Edit" to edit the video with effect, watermark, crop and subtitle as you like.

2 Choose the Output Method

After the aforementioned stuff, all you need to do now is to convert AVI to iTunes. Well, first of all, you can click to choose the profile which includes variuos formats and devices, then Common Video and MP4 or M4V (here M4V for example) like this:


Or if you want to transfer your AVI files to your Apple related device, click Apple and then choose one of the portable devices. Before the final conversion, if you want to reset the settings, click "Settings" to get it done. You can set the data as below and click OK to finish setting:


3 Convert AVI to iTunes

Now, please click "Convert" to start converting. After conversion, you can directly transfer those files to iTunes. Until now, converting AVI to iTunes is simply done.

Tips for renting movies on iTunes

One of the newest things in the iTunes store right now is movie rentals. Go to 'Movies' and they're pretty much integrated together. You can see "Top Rentals' right here in this cover flow view and 'Top Rentals' over here on the right. And what happens is you go to a movie, you can see if it's available to rent, it will say, 'Rent Movie' and if it's available to rent or buy, it will say both 'Rent Movie' or 'Buy' and they give you the price. And the way rentals work are new releases are going to be $3.99. This is a new release so $3.99 and movies from--older movies from their library are going to be $2.99. There you see, $2.99. And just like other movies, you've got some other things on here, 'Related Movies', more about these actors, 'Plot Summary', credits and customer reviews and you can even view the trailer. So, how renting a movie works is when you rent it, you have 30 days to watch it and once you hit 'Play', you have 24 hours to finish it or watch it as many times as you want and then after that, it's going to be automatically deleted. So, if you rent something, you can wait three weeks but then once you hit 'Play', you have 24 hours to finish it.

With Video Converter Ultimate, you will never be bothered by the process of converting AVI to iTunes. Meanwhile, you can freely enjoy watching videos on your favorite portable device or just on iTunes.

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