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How to Convert AVI to iPod

For all the Apple fans, iPod is one of our favorite pets. We love to put audio and video files onto it so that we can enjoy watching movies and listening to music whenever and wherever we like. Meanwhile, AVI is one of the most common formats of video files. That is, those we want to put into our iPod perhaps are mostly in AVI format. However, in reality they can not be put into our iPod directly. Therefore, converting AVI to iPod is now what we need exactly. With a professional Video Covnerter Ultimate, it becomes easy to get the task done. Let's check out the way step by step.

Free download AVI to iPod Converter, install and launch it

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1 Add AVI Files

Click "Add Files" to add AVI files from the PC local to the program, and you will see the main interface as below:

Convert AVI to iPod with Video Converte Ultimate

Besides, you can also click Edit button to edit the video with effect, watermark, crop and subtitle as you like.

2 Choose the Output Method

After the aforementioned stuff, all you need to do now is to convert AVI to iPod. Well, you can click to choose the profile which includes variuos formats and devices, then Apple to select which one of the iPod relevant device you want to convert your AVI files to.

AVI to iPod Converter Format

Before the final conversion, if you want to reset the settings, click "Settings" to get it done. For example, if your pet is iPod touch 4, you can set the data as below and click OK to finish setting:

Convert AVI to iPod Touch 4

3 Convert AVI to iPod

Now, please click Convert button to convert AVI to iPod. After conversion, those files will be automatically uploaded to iTunes. Next, you are supposed to connect your iPod to your computer. After that, you can transfer your AVI files directly from iTunes to your iPod.

Tips for a longer lasting iPod

To keep your iPod lasting longger, the best way is to keep the equlizer on its regular setting. Bass boost and all that other stuff only drains your battery. Using the hold switch is great because sometimes just rubbing against it will turn the light on and run the battery down. Another way is to keep the backlight on its shortest setting. That really makes a huge difference. It's a pain to be able to look at the screen with a short light sometimes, but your battery will last much longer! A third way is to make sure you use Compressed Songs. Apparently, iPod's cache works best with songs of average file sizes (less than 9 MB). Also, don't fast forward too much. Try to make a great playlist in iTunes and just let it play, without messing with it too much. Cold weather also effects your battery's life. The ipod batteries become less efficient when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, so in colder weather make sure you keep your ipod in your pocket or in a special case. These will also save your battery's life.

With Video Converter Ultimate, you will never be bothered by the process of converting AVI to iPod. Meanwhile, you can freely enjoy watching videos on your favorite portable device.

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