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How to Make a Picture Slideshow

We'd like to take photos to keep our sweet memories and share them with family and friends. However, to show them one by one manually is a waste of time and energy while to show them through a PowerPoint is somewhat advanced, yet needs lots of clicks. Therefore, to make a slideshow with those pictures is definitely the right choice. With an amazing Photo Slideshow Maker, this article will tell you how to make a picture slideshow step by step.

1 Download the Program

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

After downloading, please then install and launch the program.

2 Import Photos and Edit them

Now click Import button to add any photos you like. This program supports main formats of photos like BMP, JPEG, PING, TIFF, and GIF and so on. By importing, those photos will automatically turn into a slideshow shown on the left pane of the interface.

Import Pictures to DVD Creator

Put your mouse on the picture of the left pane, and you will see a little pencil near. Click the pencil and you can start editing with the effects of transition, duration and so on. What's more, you can trim the slideshow whenever you like, and adjust the order of the pictures to be shown.

Edit Photo with DVD Creaor

3 Add Music and Text to the Slideshow

You can freely add any text to the slideshow and edit the music like this:

Add Music and Text to the Slideshow with DVD Creator

To edit the music by trimming it or adding effect to it would be a lot of fun. After that, click OK to finish editing.

4 Burn Photos to DVD or Save as a File

If you want to keep this slideshow on your DVD disk, choose to burn the slideshow to DVD. First of all you need to choose your favorite DVD menu.

Burn Photos to DVD with DVD Creator

Then click Set background image and music with DVD Creaor to customize the background image and music of the menu, Preview the effect of your editing to preview the effect of all the editing. After that, click "Burn" to start burning photos to DVD. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like having a DVD but a common file that can be saved in your computer instead, you can save it as a file. All you have to do is to click File on the upper left corner of the interface.

With Photo Slideshow Maker, you will find it much easier to make a slideshow with those fantastic pictures you had taken. More importantly, you can share your sweet memories with your beloved ones in an easy and special way.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

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