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Someone has been talking about Windows Phone 7 feels like an iPhone from the future, the UI has the simplicity and elegance of Apple’s industrial design, while the iPhone’s UI still feels like a colorized Palm Pilot.

The Windows® Phone 7 Series CTP User Interface (UI) is based off a Windows Phone design system internally codenamed “Metro.” The Metro design principles center on a look that uses type to echo the visual language of airport and metro system signage. The goal is to clearly direct end users to the content they want.

Metro interfaces are supposed to embody harmonious, functional, and attractive visual elements. Ideally, good UI design should encourage playful exploration when interacting with the application and people should feel a sense of wonder and excitement.

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here: Microsoft has released their eagerly awaited Windows Phone 7, a distinct break from everything that came before and a complete overhaul of Microsoft’s aged OS.

Check out the following video to get to know Windows Phone 7:

Engadget (P)review // Windows Phone 7


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