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“I plug in my HTC Desire to my laptop, hoping to add some files to the SD card. However, it seemed nothing happened. What’s wrong with my smartphone? What’s the matter with my laptop? Is there any way to change the situation? ”-Peter

I encountered the same situation before. I searched information about this. It said that this kind of situation may be caused by hardware of the smartphone, computer, or even with the cable. And the most likely reason is that you do not set the phone properly. I had tried many ways to solve the problem. Finally, here is the useful information which I have depend on to solve the problem.

First, you should make sure where the problem is caused. The basic way is connecting your phone with the PC to see whether the physical connection works or not. When the phone is plugged in, a USB icon should appear on that row of icons at the top of the phone’s screen.

If the USB icon appears on your phone, it means there is no hardware problem. All you need to do is setting your phone. After you connect your phone with PC, the Connect to PC screen opens and lets you choose the type of USB connection. You should choose the one you need. Here is the information about the type of USB connection.

Charge only- It means charging the battery while the phone is connected to PC.

HTC Sync- Synchronizing contacts, calendar, and other information between your computer and your phone.

Disk drive-It is only available only when there’s a SD card on your phone. Select this mode when you want to copy files, like music, e-book, photos and so on between your phone’s storage card and your computer. (Note: when the phone is in this mode, you cannot use apps on your phone to access the SD card.)

USB tethering- When you do not have Internet connection with your computer, you can select this mode to share your phone’s mobile data connection with your computer.

Internet pass-through-Share computer’s Internet connection with HTC phone when you do not have access to Wi-Fi network.

If the USB icon does not appear on your phone, you should find out whether there is something wrong with your USB cable, PC or anything. You can plug in the USB cable to different computers to check out where the problem is. There is another case. Sometimes you need to install the drivers for your phone on your computer. You can go to the phone official sites to download these needed hard drivers.

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