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We tend to live in a world that’s increasingly reliant upon computers and the Internet, where various stuffs are filled in and much complicated. So tons of parents are worried about their kids would lost themselves due to some bad things in the Internet, and have to monitor the content they have viewed and control the time of playing games. While coins have two sides, parents are also afraid to limit kids’ talent on computer, and don’t know where to go. Here to release the worries from parents, we recommend top 6 Internet games for kids to play at home, safe and benefitical.

No 1. Internet Safety Hangman

This is a case of the classic Hangman game reincarnated as an internet safety educational game. The game follow the same rules, except now the clues all relate to cyber rules you should remember rand follow. You have to guess the answers to the questions and feed it in to complete the game.

No 2. Webonauts Internet Academy

The Kids.com Jr. internet safety game for kids is a series of questions on net etiquette for kids. The questions are like an instructional quiz that serves to teach the main points on internet safety.

No 3. Webonauts Internet Academy

This cool online game teaches kids all about the rules of web safety and digital citizenship. Taking on the role of “webonauts”, children have to complete a series of missions in order to graduate from the Webonauts Internet Academy. The lessons follow the motto – Observe, Respect, and Contribute. Right from picking up a uniform to the planetary excursions, the online game is interactive but it requires a fair bit of patience. The game teaches child must-dos like keeping passwords secure or how to build web profiles. The PBS Kids website is a must stop for both children and also parents as educators.

No 4. Safety Land

The game is courtesy AT&T. It’s all about battling a villain who is spamming people with messages. The goal is to rid the town of this evil character and make it safe again. As Captain Broadband, you can seek out the villain from a few locations around town, answer a few quiz questions, garner points, and banish the bad guy forever. If you succeed, you become a certifiable hero. Press play.

No 5. OnGuard Online

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States uses this site to impart education on internet safety. A lineup of 13 quiz games will allow you to test yourself on everything from spyware detection to wireless security. Not all games are on security as some also test your awareness on online investing and auctions. But it’s definitely about cyber-smartness.

When it comes to parental controls and keeping your kids safe, education is the first course. If you have taught the kids the right way to browse webpage, the proper time to spend online and how to get the affirmative information, kids can develop them better on the aspect of Internet.

No 6. Anti-Phishing Phil

This game is a limited version game of the actual one but the game play is enough to educate someone about phishing on the internet. It is also a game that’s meant for older kids and even adults. As Phil, a young fish living in the bay, you have to earn points by eating the good worms (good URLs) and refusing the bad worms (phishing URLs). Your mentor is the PhishGuru who helps you identify the good from the bad. It’s a cool site that can help anyone avoid online phishing scams. The actual full game has four rounds while this limited version has only one, but it gives you a general idea on phishing scams.

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