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Steven Paul Jobs (born February 24, 1955) , an American business magnate and inventor, has been named Person of the Year by The Financial Times.  However, Mark Zuckerberg, was named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year”.

“When Steven Paul Jobs first hit the headlines, he was younger even than Mark Zuckerberg is now,” according to The Financial Times. “Long before it was cool to be a nerd, his formative role in popularising the personal computer, and Apple’s initial public offering on Wall Street – which came when Mr Jobs was still only 25 – made him the tech industry’s first rock star. Now, three decades on, he has secured his place in the foremost ranks of the West Coast tech titans who have done so much to shape the world around the turn of the millennium.  Long-time nemesis Bill Gates may be richer and, at his peak, arguably exerted greater sway, thanks to his monopoly over the world’s PC software. But the Microsoft co-founder has left the stage to devote his life and fortune to good works. It is Mr Jobs who now holds the spotlight.”

Apple has had one of their most successful years in history, and it’s all in part to wonderful marketing, and a small miracle gadget named the “iPad.” The Financial Times notes that “the iPad helped create one of the most remarkable comeback in modern business history.” Apple has come along way since the company was almost completely demolished by the Microsoft monopoly in the 90’s.

It almost seems poetic that Jobs can point to one event this year that was significant not only professionally, but personally as well. In January, Jobs took to the stage at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center to launch what would become known as the iPad. Few would argue about the waves the iPad created in the technology sector and among news organizations as it cemented the evolution of news from being offered via magazines and newspapers to digital delivery. The event also became a pinnacle moment in the comeback of Jobs professionally after taking a six-month leave of absence the year before.

Jobs’ medical leave was a result of failing health leading to a loss of weight and his eventual liver transplant. Before leaving, Jobs put Apple’s leadership in the hands of the company’s COO, Tim Cook. Jobs would later ask Apple’s Board to award him handsomely for his leadership during a rocky time for the company which included a drop in the company’s stock price when Jobs announced his departure. Since the event in January, Jobs has gone on to lead Apple from a stock price above $200 in January to above $300 as we close out the year.

Considering Jobs’ personal and professional successes in 2010, along with his leadership in offering the transformational iPad, it becomes clear why the Financial Times believes Steve Jobs is worthy of its 2010 Person of the Year award.

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