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Mail Attachment Downloader is a freeware to download email attachments from all popular email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and more. You just need to provide credentials of your email, and then this email attachment downloader will download email attachments to your PC. You can choose which type of attachments you want to download, or size of email attachments that you want to download, so that only those attachments are downloaded. Mail Attachment Downloader also comes with an option to schedule attachment downloading, so that it automatically checks your email for new attachments, and then downloads them.

When I saw the name of Mail Attachment Downloader, I thought it is a simple software to just download all the attachments from your email. But when I started exploring this more, I was happily surprised with the tons of options that it provides, and how easy it makes it to use all the options. One of the things that I really like is that this software is downloaded to your PC, and your email credentials are stored in an encrypted form on your computer itself, so there is no risk of hackers attacking servers of Mail Attachment Downloader to get your email credentials.
How to Use Mail Attachment Downloader:

Mail Attachment Downloader comes with a really easy to use interface, and various functions are divided in form of tabs. You start by providing your email address and password of the account from which you want to download attachments. For a simple download of all the attachments, you are done right now. However, I would encourage you to explore the gamut of customization options that this free Mail Attachment Downloader provides. Here are a few of them:

  • Specify the size for the email attachments that you want to download. For example, you might want to download only those attachments that are more than 0.5 MB in size, and leave all other attachments on mail server.
  • You can specify if you want to download attachments only from a particular sender.
  • You can specify if you want to download attachments of a particular type. For example, if your friends send you lot of photos or videos in email, you can specify to download just those type of attachments.
  • You can even specify keywords to search for in subject line, and also date range of email.

All these customization options are extremely easy to setup, and are available in “Basic Filters”, and “Advanced Filters” tab of this free email attachment downloader.

Once you have done your customization for attachments, you can also choose if you want to schedule your attachment downloads. You can specify schedule in terms of minute, hours, days; or even specify exact time at which attachments should be downloaded. In this case, email attachment downloader will stay in system tray, and will download your attachments at that specified time.

By default, attachments are downloaded to documents folder, but you can choose any other folder to download attachments to.

Mail Attachment Downloader is very simple to use, highly configurable, and pretty useful. I wish it had a feature to support multiple email addresses, instead of just one. Still, this is a good email attachment downloader to have on your computer if you get tons of attachments.

Source from: www. ilovefreesoftware.com

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