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A DVD movie is often too long. After viewing them, we often find that we’re only interested in a small part of it. Therefore, A lot of people wonder how can they extract only part of the DVD movie and save it to their computer. In this way, they can view the best part on the computer or the mobile device(iphone, ipad etc).
Ok. This passage is written to tell you how to exactly do this thing and I guarantee that you can learn it in just two minutes.
Firstly, we should know the tool we use – Daniusoft DVD Ripper, you can download it here.
Secondly, install Daniusoft DVD and load your DVDs, then click Clip.
Daniusoft DVD Ripper - DVD to iPad Converter
Thirdly, in the Clip window, choose the part you want (by dragging the slides) and just cut them.
Ok, that’s it. Is it easy enough? If you don’t learn it in 2 minute, please leave a comment below, I’ll improve this passage and make it easier. I just think it’s worth doing this. Because once we learn how to do this, we can keep only the part of DVD movie we want. In other words, we had a choice to choose and not just accept it all.

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