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Keeping your Android photo data secure is important in this cyber age. Good security apps on your Android necessary. Here is a list of top Android security apps that will protect your Android phones. Just use these great free Android security apps to protect your Android phone!

1. Lookout Mobile Security

This is an award winning free Android security app for your Android phone. Besides conventional security options, this free android security apps enables you to track lost device and also works as a backup tool. You can backup your Android device with it and it lets you restore the same.

2. McAfee WaveSecure

It doesn’t have any of the virus scans or firewall protection, but it can remotely lock your phone and wipe key data from it. It can help you backup and restore wiped data after a device has been secured. Besides, it can also track and map your device using GPS.

3. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Free can scan your apps, settings, media, and phone contents in search of suspicious files. In the future, the ability to lock apps and back up data will be added to this free android security app. If you only want to keep your phone malware-free and do not care much about the extras, AVG Antivirus is the best choice to protect your Android phone.

4. Norton Mobile Security Beta

Symantec’s Norton Mobile Security (beta) enables you to remotely lock and wipe your phone by text message. You can also lock down the SIM card so that a thief can’t swap it out to another phone. Furthermore, Norton allows you to block calls and text messages and scan your phone for malware. Although the program is still in beta until the end of the year, Norton Mobile Security is a great free Android security app for Android phone protection.

5. Super Security

Super security for Android provides a cloud based antivirus engine that can protect your phone from malware. Besides the community based antivirus engine, it also provides  a strongbox to hide your sensitive data. Features like Missing device find back and Task Manager are also provided.

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